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1.Corporate mission
  To make the transmission more efficient.

2.Corporate vision
  Let Xinghua become the perferred strategic partner of customers;
  Let FJXH become the first brand of stamping bearing-housing in china;
  Let Xinghua become a happy home for Xinghua peoples ---happy work   happy life   happy growth.

3.Operation principle:
  Good morality   High quality   Famous brand

4.Management philosophy:
  Learning、 innovation 、shared

5.Xinghua motto
  Work diligently to do business,keep improving to create the famous brand.

6.Xinghua values
  1.Customer first ---- customer demand is the enterprise existence significance
  1.1Standing in the customer's position to think about the problem, on the basis of adhering to the principles, and ultimately achieve the customer and the company are satisfied
  2.Teamwork - share together, ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  2.1 Actively integrate into the team, willing to accept the help of colleagues, with the team to complete the work
  2.2 Before making the decision to actively express constructive opinions, fully participate in the discussion of the team; after the decision, regardless of whether the individual has objections, must be fully supported from the words and deeds
  2.3 Initiative to share the business knowledge and experience; take the initiative to give colleagues the necessary help; good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties
  2.4 Good and different types of colleagues, not personal preferences into the work, fully embodies the "things wrong" principle, have a sense of ownership, positive and positive impact on the team, improve team morale and atmosphere
  2.5 Grateful thanks to the family, thank you, thank you for your boss, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  2.6 In the face of wrong, no matter who is right and who is wrong, wrong from their own first
  3.Honest and trustworthy, honest, be the same outside and inside
  3.1 Through the correct channels and processes accurately express their views; expression of criticism and put forward the corresponding proposal, frankly there is taboo;
  3.2 Spread not confirmed the news, not behind the irresponsible talk things and people, and positive guidance, for any comments and feedback "if the cap fits, wear it";
  3.3 Admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility, and timely correction;
  3.4 The bad faith behavior of the company's interests is correct and effective.
  4.Embrace change - to meet the change, the courage to innovate
  4.1 Adapt to the company's daily changes, do not complain, in the face of change, rational treatment, adequate communication, sincere cooperation;
  4.2 Difficulties and setbacks to change, to self adjustment, and the positive impact and drive colleagues;
  4.3 In the work, there is a sense of perspective, the establishment of new methods and new ideas;
  4.4 To be creative and to bring about a breakthrough in performance.;
  5.Dedicated and good learning - professional dedication, excellence;
  5.1 Love your job, Xinghua enterprise culture identity;
  5.2 Today's matter is not pushed to tomorrow, work time only do work related things;
  5.3 According to the order of priority right to arrange priorities;
  5.4 Continuous learning, self perfection, and doing things to fully reflect the results oriented.